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Pink Floyd - Then and Now [2 DVDs] auf DVD ausleihen

Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren
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Probably possessors of the strangest tale of any group from the rock age, Pink Floyd somehow manage to remain amongst the most popular music acts of all time. And despite being on indefinite hiatus for almost 20 years - longer if the classic line-up is considered - the very mention of their name is still enough to garner an emotional response in even the hardiest of fans.

But surely such responses are justified when speaking of a group of musicians who have not just proven themselves the most experimental and cutting edge of any chart regulars over the period that such things have been considered important, but who have als inspired and informed a host of subsequent musicians and composers, many of which are the most interesting and important of the current age.

This two disc documentary set gets behind the mystery that is Pink Floyd as it unravels the story of the band, with the first disc covering the post-Syd Barrett classic era of Meddle and Dark Side, and the second disc picking up the story in the late 1970s and bringing the sage completely up to date with the group's first attempts at a re-union of sorts at Live 8, and the more recent collaborations between Gilmour and Waters which, for those still holding it in, offer some hope for a full scale Floyd re-birth.

145 Minuten
Stereo: Englisch
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Jetzt in unserer Online Videothek den Film Pink Floyd - Then and Now [2 DVDs] auf DVD ausleihen.
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4 Sterne 16bei 5 Abstimmungsergebnissen
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