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Pink Floyd - Die Album-Klassiker [3 DVDs] auf DVD ausleihen

Originaltitel: Pink Floyd - Landmark Albums
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3,9 von 6 Sterne bei 27 Bewertungen
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Pink Floyd – Landmark Albums, comprises three discs, all of which pay tribute to the legendary band. The first disc celebrates Pink Floyd's debut album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn, recorded at Abbey Road in 1967. Disc two features the band's first number one album, Atom Heart Mother, and includes radio recordings of 'Fat Old Sun' and reviews of performances of their prototype work, 'The Amazing Pudding'. Completing the set is Wish You Were Here, the follow up album to Dark Side Of The Moon.

"Piper at the Gates of Dawn"
This is the definitive critical review of the first Pink Floyd album.
Piper stands alone as the only Floyd album on which Sid Barrett wrote the bilk of the material and performed as lead vocalist and guitarist.
This independent film review draws on rare film of Pink Floyd performing the songs which make up Piper. In addition to the reflections of the band themselves, the film also features a unique interview with Joe Boyd who discovered Pink Floyd and produced the Arnold Layne Single. We also hear the views of Norman Smith the album´s producer and John "Hoppy" Hopkins, the original Floyd promoter and pioneer of the famous UFO club, in addition to the incisive views of a leading team of music critics and writers.

"Wish You were here"
Wish You Were Here was released in September 1975 as the follow up to Dark Side Of The Moon - a pretty hard act to follow, but in many respects this amazing new album outshone its illustrious predecessor. Shine On You Crazy Diamond with its majestic introduction is arguably the finest recording in the entire Pink Floyd career. On this flawless album every track pulls its weight and the title track Wish You Were Here which was revived for Live 8 has gone on to achieve classic status . This is the long awaited critical review of the album featuring rare live performances by Pink Floyd alongside rare archive interviews with the band.
Also featured are the views of a leading team of critics, working musicians and musicologists.
Soundtrack features highlights from: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Echoes Wish You Were Here Have a Cigar Welcome To The Machine… and more.

"Atom Heart Mother"
Atom Heart Mother was Pink Floyd's first number one album. Ambitious and challenging, the main title piece was an extended instrumental suite co-written and arranged by avant-garde composer Ron Geesin.
Thirty-five years on, Ron Geesin revisits the work and describes the circumstances surrounding the creation of the album. We also hear the views of David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason.
This comprehensive DVD features the only known footage of a performance of "Atom Heart Mother" with the complete brass and choir conducted by John Aldiss from the Bath Festival in 1970.
Also included are reviews of performance of the prototype work "The Amazing Pudding" performed by Pink Floyd without the orchestra from radio and television archive recordings of Floyd of "Fat Old Sun".
203 Minuten
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Jetzt in unserer Online Videothek den Film Pink Floyd - Die Album-Klassiker [3 DVDs] auf DVD ausleihen.
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3,9 Sterne 16bei 27 Abstimmungsergebnissen
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